Emilia Vulpes

_MG_3778_netti(c) Sonja Siikanen

”What I like about myself is that I know myself and I know I can do anything. Inquisitiveness, joy of life and need to develope and grow constantly are strong parts of my character.
In Finland I like free basic education and school meals, clean nature and public transportation.
I would like to change many things in Finland. I would like that homelessness and unemployment were talked about more, that the wellbeing of our youth was focused on more and mental health problems weren’t first and foremost treated with pills. In Finland I would like to see more openmindedness and warmth towards different groups of people. Disparity, multiculturalism and love are riches. I wish from the bottom of my heart that some day we could celebrate Pride week without the smallest fear of getting hurt.”
Emilia Vulpes,
lifestyle artist


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